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The Overview Of Ather 450S Electric Scooter For Daily Commutes

The Ather 450S electric scooter is a standout in the world of electric vehicles (EVs) for its innovative features and focus on sustainable transportation. This scooter has advanced technology, sleek design, and eco-friendly engineering. Electric scooters help in reducing air pollution because they don’t emit harmful gases like traditional petrol scooters. This makes our air cleaner and healthier to breathe. 


Let’s explore its impressive features and performance to understand why it’s changing the way people commute in cities.

Range and Battery:


The Ather 450S offers a claimed range of 115 km, and its true range is closer to 90 km. This electric scooter is powered by a 2.9 kWh lithium-ion battery that generates 22 NM torque and 5.4 kW peak power. It takes approximately 8.5 hours to charge fully. Moreover, riders can enjoy riding on city roads with a top speed of 90 kmph.



The Ather 450S delivers a top-notch ride quality with minimal vibrations and jerks. It accompanies rider aid features such as a combined and regenerative braking system, hill-hold help, fall safety, and  Emergency Stop Signal. Moreover, riders can browse eco-friendly riding modes, including Smart, Eco, Ride, and Sport, depending upon their inclinations and riding conditions.

Design and Comfort:


The Ather 450S has a cutting-edge retro design with a round LED headlamp, a slim gas tank, and a thickset tail section. Besides, it accompanies a steel trellis frame that guarantees a solid and responsive ride. Likewise, it has a telescopic fork and monoshock suspension system to give ideal comfort and handling.



  • Brakes: The Ather 450S has front brakes with a 200 mm disc and is operated by three pistons. The rear brake disc is smaller at 190 mm and is operated by a single piston. The scooter also has something called a combined and regenerative braking system, which helps in stopping the scooter more efficiently.


  • Wheels & tyres: The scooter rides on aluminium alloy wheels, which are lightweight and strong. It has tubeless tyres, which are less likely to get punctured. The front tyre size is 90/90 – 12, and the rear tyre is also 90/90 – 12.


  • Kerb Weight: The Ather 450S weighs 108 kg, which is about the same as two adult humans.


  • Seat Height: The height of the seat from the ground is 780 mm. This electric scooter is also ideal for people with smaller heights. 


  • Ground Clearance: This is the distance between the bottom of the scooter and the ground. The Ather 450S has a ground clearance of 170 mm, which means it can tackle small obstacles on the road without scraping the bottom.

Technology and Connectivity:


The Ather 450S is packed with modern innovation that improves the riding experience. It accompanies a colourful touchscreen dashboard, offering easy navigation, ongoing diagnostics, and customisable settings. Integrated with Ather’s software, the scooter gets normal updates, guaranteeing it stays modern with the most recent features and upgrades.


Also, it has connectivity features like mobile incorporation, GPS route, and vehicle tracking. Riders can interface their mobiles with Bluetooth to get call notifications, message notices, and music playback. Besides, the Ather 450S sets a new standard for smart scooters, providing unmatched comfort and connectivity. Furthermore, these technologies make it the preferred choice among Indian riders. 

Comparison and Pricing:


The Ather 450S is priced between Rs 1.30 Lakh and Rs 1.40 Lakh in India. This EV is slightly more expensive than its competitor, the OLA S1 Air, which costs Rs 1.20 Lakh. The Ather 450S offers advanced specifications and features, making it a popular choice among riders.


Here are the prices of its variants 


  • Ather 450S standard variant is available at a price tag of Rs. 1.30 Lakh.
  • Ather 450S Pro Pack electric scooter price starts from Rs. 1.40 Lakh in India.


Why Choose Ather 450S electric scooter?


Choose the Ather 450S electric scooter for a smarter and greener ride. Moreover, it has an eco-friendly battery that produces zero emissions and lessens carbon footprint. The Ather 450S is the ideal choice for a reliable, proficient, and eco-friendly method of transportation in the city. This scooter has cool features like a touchscreen dashboard for simple use and constant updates. It also interfaces with your smartphone for calls, messages, and navigation.

The Ending Thoughts 


The Ather 450S electric scooter offers a combination of performance, style, and advanced features. It continues to be a customer favourite in the Indian market with its impressive range, responsive acceleration, and rider aid features. Even though it costs a bit more than other options, the Ather scooter is worth it. It has better features and technology, making it a great choice for riders who want a top-notch riding experience.


For more information about the Ather 450S electric scooter in India, stay tuned with us.

The Overview Of Ather 450S Electric Scooter For Daily Commutes

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