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Web development course in Chandigarh

Web development course in Chandigarh

Web development course in Chandigarh

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What is web development?

Uses of web development

Web development course in Chandigarh




We live in an India that has completely changed its image from the land of snake charmers to

the emerging IT hub of Asia. We are now one of the most sought-after nations in terms of

business investment and market capitalisation. Billion-dollar companies like Apple and

Microsoft has set up multiple offices in India where they think the next and most advanced

generation of engineers is going to be located.

We have created history by organising a startup infrastructure that has become the third

largest in the world in a matter of months. There are more than 100 unicorn companies that

are made in India and operate everything in India itself. The pandemic helped a lot of these

businesses such as the online teaching industry saw its biggest boom during the pandemic and


Today, with this article, we will try to find out more about a technology that is leading all of

these advancements and much more in the world markets. Web development and application

development are two of the most lucrative industries in the world right now. We can do this

by inculcating more and more educational institutes that focus on educating our youth

towards more scientific and technological training. We will also discuss the uses of web

development and try to find out the best Web Development Course in Chandigarh. So, let us

start with the topic without any delays.

What is web development?


Web development is the field of work in which developers or coders work on a website and

create it from scratch using different programming languages such as Java, Python and much

more. These developers use their creativity in developing and designing some of our


favourite websites. Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram are great examples of

web development. We only see the end product that’s the application or the website, but there

is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes in making these websites likeable for the


Web development is one of the most highly-demanded skills across the globe in today’s

times. This is enough analysis to show the importance of web development for the Indian

youth. Let us discuss some of the uses of web development:


Uses of web development:


There are multiple industries where web development is playing an important role in the

world. Some of those industries and fields are mentioned below:

Creating Websites

Every major business in the world today has a website that is

exclusive to its content. They can promote and advertise their products on these

websites. Web development is crucial for big industries as it is the tool used for

creating these websites.


The biggest online shopping stores like Amazon and Flipkart were all

created using the services of web development. Web developers are responsible for

the smooth processing and functioning of these websites.

Web Applications

Web application development is one of the most common uses of

web development. Companies and brands created their applications to gain more

audience through engagement.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content management systems like

WordPress is used in high volumes as it gives artists free access to the world of

passionate readers. They can create their blogs and websites using the WordPress


Social Media Platforms

As mentioned above, we use social media in almost

everything today, from our daily activities to our most intimate moments. We use

social media to share those moments with loved ones that are not present there. All

this has become possible because of the advancements in web development.

Online Learning and E-Learning

During the pandemic, one of the only industries


that showed some growth was the online education industry. There were huge

platforms like Unacademy and Byju’s that rose to heights they had never even

envisioned for themselves. Today, they are among the most profitable businesses in


Blogs and Forums

Blog articles and discussion forums are regularly created using

the services of web development. As the media grows digital, it is high time for

discussions to shift from phone calls to a digital medium.

Government and Public Services

Since the current government stand for a

corruption-free model of governance, one of the most transparent ways of creating a

truthful governance system was through digitalisation. Almost 100% of Indian public

service offices are working both online as well as offline today's times.

Healthcare Portals

Many health organisations in India are fully operable on digital

platforms. This change has created a revolution in the healthcare system as we all saw

in the recent vaccine drive that India mastered.

Financial Services

As the Digital India movement started gaining traction in India,

almost all banks including the private sector as well as public sector banks started

creating their online presence.

News and Media Outlets

Every major news outlet in India today has its website

which needs maintenance and changes every minute. The flow of information on

these websites is constant and cannot be delayed.


Web Development Course in Chandigarh:


There are hundreds of institutes all over India that train students in IT-related courses such as

web development and web design. These institutes offer a good substitute for high-end


colleges that charge millions of rupees for a single student. People who can't afford these

colleges go for smaller diplomas in these institutes.


Chandigarh is on the path of becoming the next IT hub of North India after Gurugram and

Noida respectively. That’s why we see the emergence of many IT companies and their


headquarters inside or around The City Beautiful which is Chandigarh. If you want to climb

on the wagon of success in the web development field, then we at CBitss Technologies have

curated the Best Web Development Course in Chandigarh just for your convenience. Come

and join the Web 3.0 revolution with us.




In conclusion, web development is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and for

obvious reasons. We click on hundreds of apps and websites daily for no reason at all but we

like the feeling we get from just swiping through hundreds of posts on social media. This

trend is not going anywhere soon as people from all age groups and social strata want to

create a good life for themselves in which they are famous and at a star level.

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Web development course in Chandigarh

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